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Preeti's Story

Preeti's love of words and writing started almost from the time she first began to read. ​Ever since Preeti was little, she was fascinated by two things;  how the world works, why we are the way we are and stories. Every night, she would ask her mom to tell her a bed-time story, and she was fascinated by how the characters acted and their little world. In some ways, their little worlds helped her understand her own. Now, as a 15 year old, Preeti writes her own nonfiction stories and her own thoughts about our world. Scroll down to have a look into her world!

My Writing

FPYC: Dhirubhai Ambani and his Revolutionary Economic Tactics

FPYC: What's Happening in Yemen?

International Policy Digest: The Green New Deal Could Have Been the Ultimate Solution For Climate Change



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